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GS Associates has fast become one of the market leaders for retail cleaning services. Every day, our team of over 6,000 operatives clean 20 million square feet of retail space throughout the UK, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Strong credentials, a good reputation and passionate staff are at the heart of GS Associates. Working in partnership with many of the country’s major national retailers, our leading edge technology, management and training-based solutions offer a clear point of difference. We deliver consistent, high quality services at competitive prices - a model that makes us an ideal choice for any business.

As our growth continues our sectoral reach extends through retail and shopping centres to distribution and leisure. Whether its retail stores, shopping centres, warehouses, head offices, hotels, leisure premises or distribution centres, GS Associates is the perfect choice.

For the right cleaning solution for your business: Choose GS Associates.

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Responsible service provider

At GS Associates we take our responsibility to you, our staff, the community and the wider environment extremely seriously. We have a complete portfolio of policies and procedures covering all aspects of our corporate social responsibility.

Employment Legislation

Employment Legislation

We comply with all employment legislation and have an exemplary record in this area. Our strict vetting and security checking procedures ensure full compliance with all rules relating to immigration. You can rest assured by using GS Associates your service will meet all legislative requirements.



We are conscious of the impact our business may have on the natural environment and we work to minimise these effects wherever possible by using environmentally friendlier material and practices. Initiatives are in place to reduce energy consumption and recycle waste materials as well as to off-set or neutralise unavoidable carbon emissions.



We work extensively above regulatory requirements to support the welfare and development of staff and have a full range of documented HR policies and procedures guiding our approach to everything from appraisal and training to health & safety.



At GS Associates we embrace equality and diversity in our business. Our Equal Opportunities Policy statement sets out the guiding values and principles we work to.

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GS Associates provides complete national cleaning and support services throughout the UK, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Our extensive national management team spans every town and city allowing us to provide superior levels of support to your business wherever and whenever you need it.

Our national coverage, experience, expertise and resources ensure we have the capability to operate any type of contract.

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